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What are the connections between social and historical forces and the representations we see?
Why is yellowface still acceptable? When and how did yellowface turn into whitewashing?
How do these representations create and/or perpetuate stereotypes that are present in our world? What is the impact?

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Will Not "Ruv You Rong Time."

     Recently somebody suggested I change the name of the blog to be I Will Not Ruv You Rong Time.
Clever, innit? But I began worrying about the more negative connotations that would have. I mean, a blog that's studying and trying to break down the racism that has shaped Asian-American perspective (in the most general sense) that has a title that has... a funky title... like I Will Not Ruv You Rong Time...
     Perhaps I'm overthinking it. Is it okay for the title to be self-mocking and potentially problematic? Does the substitution of the "r" for the "l" make my blog seem racist or clever and witty? What's in a name?
     That's my problem with the Internet and writing. Sarcasm is really hard to pick out. Really, it is. So I wonder, who would be able to find the potential new title as funny and witty and who would find it offensive?
The question remains. Should I or should I not change the name?


  1. I also wonder about the " ". For me as a reader it definitely changes the intent. The title would definitely be edgier if you changed it, and it might come up in some web searches you might not intend....? My gut says no, for the reasons you state, but I find myself thinking about it....a lot..!

  2. I feel like adding quotation marks may make it seem even more self-mocking and much more... hesitant, like I'm not intending to offend anyone? Of course, that's not my intent at all. The addition of quotation marks may be interpreted as a stab at dispelling the accent stereotype. But I wonder if the lack of quotation marks around the Ruv You Rong Time will be more of a take-a-stance-and-don't-be-scared-of-offending-people thing. A lot of people don't seem to get the title as it is (no "r" replacing the "l"s)...

    Either way, it probably would end up in some questionable web searches...